Wondering how to Blog During COVID-19? Let’s chat! 

Blogging is a great communication tool.  As a business, your blog can offer DIY solutions or insight into how your company is pivoting through COVID-19 isolation.  If you are new to blogging, or a seasoned pro, follow these three blog tips to ensure you stay connected and positive through the next few weeks.

Resist Feeding the Fear

 As you blog, refrain from repeating fear-based information.  Incorporate information wisely when communicating, and where possible, engage with positive language to avoid fueling fear and anxiety.  If the news is relevant, cite credible sources, otherwise share stories, solutions, ideas, or information that can be helpful and useful to your clients.  An uplifting message will be more appreciated, and welcome, than a fear-based message.

Lead Generously

As a business leader in your community, be as generous with your time and your resources as you can. If you can temporarily reduce rates for online offerings or provide free webinars to feed the minds of your community, it would be generous of you to do so.

Use your blog to share DIY tips for your services, for example, at home facials or nail treatments (for spa owners).   If you can offer a webinar, tutorial, or online course, use your blog to communicate your offering and the value of your offering.  If you are engaging with a free (or reduced) product or online course, review your offerings and see how you can reciprocate by contributing to the well-being of your clients and followers.


People need to feel seen and heard; now is no different. When a friend, co-worker, or client is speaking, the best response is to listen. If you notice an issue is coming up frequently use your blog to discuss the issue, or start a conversation, on a grand scale.


Your blog can provide comic relief, be used as an education tool, or used to connect in our digital world.  Communicating frequently will be appreciated in this time and stepping up as a business leader will help you and your community, thrive.  Wishing you all the best of health and well-being, my friends.  Follow @thewritingsuite or click here to sign up for my newsletter that will deliver writing and blogging tips!  Love to you all.