My love of real estate is real! And, with all the writing that I do about the real estate industry (I love everything about it!) I often fall in love with the luxury accessories that make a house a home.

As the fall approaches, my mind turns to cozy nights outside with a fire keeping me company.  Which outdoor fireplaces will win my heart this year?  Let’s take a look.

Stay toasty warm with these luxury fire pits

Whether you’re telling ghost stories, sipping cocktails, or just snuggled up enjoying the warmth, gazing into red-hot flames can instantly transport you to another place.  That escape is something we could all use these days, which is why buying a fire pit has become nearly synonymous with homeownership – but not all pits are created equal.

Fab Home Grown Favourites – Made in Canada

There are a lot of gorgeous fire pits waiting for a permanent place in your yard. But in the spirit of buying local and supporting Canadian companies, we’ve rounded up a few Made in Canada gems to get your inspiration flowing.

  • Modern: For a stunning selection of contemporary concrete fire pits (and water features) designed and built-in Vancouver BC, visit Solus.
  • Artisan: A Twist of Ironin Nova Scotia makes beautiful artisan fire pits. Choose from one of their existing designs or get something custom made to suit your vision.
  • Traditional and Contemporary: Combining age-old European tradition and craftsmanship with today’s technological innovations, DreamCast in BC has a gorgeous selection of various-sized products for all tastes.


  • Rugged: For something unique, with a look that’s a bit more rugged, check out Milverton, Ontario’s Fire Pits Canada. They specialize in designing, building, and delivering a long-lasting custom fire pit with your name embedded right into the design.


The idea is to combine comfort with design, so you feel soothed by the look and the warmth of the fire.  With fall around the corner, ensure you have your perfect fire pit ready for some late-night entertaining and relaxing.

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