One of the most exciting things about being a new entrepreneur is setting up coaching calls and having successful people coach or mentor you through the first stages of your business. Having just done one of these calls I can now tell you that they are also one of the most depressing things go to through.

Before the call I get extremely nervous…like the feeling you get when you are waiting for your performance review from your boss. Even though the call is designed to get you thinking in a new way it is also a kick in the ass. And, I don’t mean the kick in the ass that you are looking for to motivate you, and move you forward, but the kick in the ass that brings you down. You are pouring yourself – body and soul – into your business trying to figure out EVERYTHING from administration to finance to clients to expense reports OH AND also DOING the actual work people are hiring you to do so when you have a coaching call that tells you to do more and do it better (even though that is the actual design of the call and it DOES work to get you thinking in ways you may not have considered) it makes you feel like no one understands what you do or appreciates your work thus far. Starting a business and actually having REAL clients is a HUGE accomplishment. It takes guts to step into the unknown soooo when someone somewhat rains on your parade you feel defeated and like your plan was maybe not designed for success.

Now…let’s turn this around and make this useful as that is what I have to do as a business owner who develops my own strategy. What this actually does is make me feel stronger and allows me to really OWN my business. It lets me know that I am in control and the advice I am getting is for me to take what I want and leave the rest.

This advice is not coming from a boss that is now instructing me to rearrange everything ….it is simply a SUGGESTION from someone who has been in the trench and found very successful methods of accomplishment. HOWEVER, every entrepreneur is different and their goals are different so having one plan of action is not realistic. What is realistic is to take grains of the conversation and begin to build your own story. The beauty of running your own business is YOU get to decide what comes next based on your goals and expertise. The help is good but make it fit YOUR plan and not the other way around.

Entrepreneurs by nature are risk takers and that is what I am. I don’t like following a formula or a “plan” just to achieve a result. I like to take that plan and shake it up, BREAK it into a million pieces, and then create a new plan that is unique and exciting – and most importantly leads to the unknown! Being safe is overrated. I want adventure and excitement with just the right level of risk – which is A LOT.

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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