As business owners in these uncertain times, we have all had to re-create the way our products and services are packaged and sold.  Communicating your newly minted offers with kindness and compassion is how you will remain connected to your valued clients and your community.  Speaking from the heart, in a human voice, will allow your clients to see your efforts and solutions to accommodate their needs.  It is not the time to be consumed with being perfectly polished; we are all in this together and are doing our best to work within the constraints of social distancing.

Follow these four ways to connect with your clients in a human voice:

#1 Speak with Kindness

It is impossible to understand what each valued client is going through. We will all experience self-isolation differently based on our coping skills and required lifestyle changes.  As you offer new safe ways to engage with your products and services, communicate with kindness.  People need to see the human side of the business, share how abrupt changes impacted your business, and how you were innovative with solutions to help your clients, and others in need. Offering solutions to a problem will allow you to show the value you are bringing to your community in this time of need.

#2 Create Content that will Educate and Inform

Knowing your niche as you do, use your content to help navigate issues that pertain to their specific situation.  Now is the time to nurture your client base by catering to their niche needs.  You may be able to deconstruct a concept in the news or a government directive that affects your industry, to help others understand how their niche clients can benefit.  It is important to remember you are the expert, and your clients are looking to you to provide content that is relevant to your industry.  Leadership requires you to take responsibility by stepping up to provide comfort in a time of uncertainty.

#3 Find Your Business Language of Love

Each business has a language of love. What’s yours?  You may express love to your clients with discounts, value-add offers, no-charge webinars, community support, or free delivery.  Showing your love and appreciation for their support will go a long way in connecting with your client base.  If you can use your language of love to provide value to your niche, your content will be regarded as helpful, informative, and valuable.  Providing answers in a world filled with uncertainty will elevate you as a leader in your community and your industry.

#4 Be Honest with Your Words

Being honest is always far superior to being perfect.  There was no warning or manual for COVID-19; we are all doing the best we can with what we have. It is helpful to show how social distancing is presenting challenges and how your business has overcome those challenges.  Sharing how you’ve managed to adapt your business to take care of your employees or revamp your offering will bring you closer to your client base by exposing your vulnerabilities. Perfect images are rarely respected as they create distance between the struggles of your clients and the solutions you are providing.

Connect with your clients through joy and heartbreak. Share your struggles and your success stories.  As things change quickly, almost daily, there is no shortage of topics or information to share.  Be generous when supporting your clients, and they will be generous when supporting you.