Writing a blog can be a daunting task.  I get it.  Here are four ways to give your blog structure before you get started:

1.What do You Want to Achieve Through Blogging?

Every beginning must have an end.  Think about where you want to end up and work backward to ensure you accomplish your goals. Doing this exercise will give your blog structure. Do you want to inform your readers how to do something, do you want to educate them on facts or news, do you want to entertain them with a discovery or opinion you have? Thinking about what you want to achieve will inform how you deliver the material you are presenting.

2. How does SEO Play into your Blog?

Are you using your blog as a vehicle to drive traffic to your website? Is it primarily a tool to grab attention online, or is your blog a tool for you to generate content for your newsletter and social media posts?  If you use 5 SEO words, or you engage a longer list of target words, will determine your outcome.  What is your intended outcome, and how will you measure it?  Take these questions into consideration when crafting your blog.

3. How does your Blog help Develop your Brand?

Your brand is a well thought out and a well-crafted representation of your business.  It is something, as a business owner, you nurture and protect.  Effective blogs need to follow your brand guidelines.  For a writer, this includes your tone, voice, and use of language.  For example, if your brand is a Prada, your branding must reflect the style and sophistication of high fashion. If your brand is Coors Light, use a voice and language that reflects the fun-loving good time your brand represents.  Consistency is key.

4. How Can you Educate the Public with your Blog?

How can you inform the public about your brand, the impact of your brand, or your brand story? All of these aspects will make people fall in love with your product or service. Connect your brand to the public through clear, concise language that tells a great story.

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