Up for a story? It’s worth it. Promise.

Recently, against EVERYTHING I ever thought I would do when I started working for myself, I went to see office space. That’s right – REAL office space with walls and everything. I was touring a shared office space facility actually considering PAYING for a cubicle space to work in. To make myself feel better I noted that the area I would be working in was clean, spacious and by a large window…all desirable qualities, right? Standing there – looking around – I was drawn to this environment as it was FAMILIAR and made me feel productive.

Now, it must be noted (I’ll say it again) that this is against EVERYTHING I ever thought I would do as an independent writer. When I became an entrepreneur I was only too happy to get rid of my office after many years of working in the corporate environment. I ended my career in an open cubicle, and when I moved into that cubical 6 months prior to handing in my resignation, I didn’t even unpack my things. I knew the second I got there my days in that space were numbered. That life was simply no longer for me.

Now, I stand in this office space and am considering PAYING $150 – $179 + tax a month to rent a desk.

WHY? This is why.

The minute I went into this building I felt the energy of the entrepreneur community. In this space I would work on projects that I loved and have people actually respect and be interested in what I was doing – AMAZING! As well, this office space would allow me to grow and meet others in my shoes. Whether this set up would work or not work was yet to be seen. Like so many other things that happen in the first year of being an entrepreneur you have to try it on for fit before you can decide what works for you.

This whole journey presents moments of panic. When the panic happens there is a tenancy to cling to the familiar to feel a sense of control rather than controlled chaos. Going back to what is familiar helps us to establish structure and routine and that is inviting for a little while. Eventually you muster the courage to live outside your comfort zone once again and leave the familiar to welcome back the chaos.

That is exactly what the office space was for me. I was clinging to a sense of the familiar in a moment of panic. I needed to be about to bring structure into my world to feel like I was progressing. The reality is the love affair with the office was short lived. It lasted 2 weeks. I signed on for a 2 month contract knowing in my heart I just needed a “hug” from the insanity, and a reset, before I would have the courage to jump back in to the unknown. I am happy to report that I am firmly back in it.

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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