Imagine that you are in a pool, and a leaf is floating beside you in the water – you can see it plain as day. You reach out to grab it but you can’t quite catch it. You see it floating, and you try to scoop it up – the water keeps moving it just out of reach. You ALMOST catch it, but not quite. That is what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Every time you get one step ahead, you notice something else floating around you, that you have to figure out.

In the second month of my becoming an entrepreneur I had a re-occurring dream for 2 weeks straight – Every night over, and over, again. When the dream began I was in a market. I was in the middle of a busy market and there were vendors on all sides of me. There were booths with various products for sale – but the only booth I remember was a booth with key chains. Directly in front of me stood a booth with hundreds and hundreds of key chains on display. As I stood in the market I was just out of reach of each of the booths. I would stand still – frozen in time. I’m not sure if I was actually frozen or if I was standing still of my own free will? I would observe the people visiting the booths and making purchases. I didn’t recognize anyone in the market except the people that were at the key chain booth. They were family members or friends, and I knew all of them, but I didn’t spoke to them – or even acknowledged them. For two weeks, every night, I would stand in this market observing –
not participating. Then, after the two weeks, I finally told my boyfriend about it. I drew out the market on a piece of paper. I marked where I would stand and explained what was happening around me. It was as if I was purging the experience from my mind. The next few nights I fell asleep and waited, but I never had the dream again. To date, I have not had that dream again. It was as if once I spoke abut it I was free from this frozen state.

Like in this dream you do a lot of standing and observing, and at the same time, you are working your butt off. The path I’m on is not straight and what I’m seeking changes at an alarming rate. I’m always circling the same arena, but the end goal, or the rules, are constantly shifting as I learn more about myself, my business – and my journey.

I have always been someone who had clear and defined goals. I knew exactly what I wanted, I went after it, and I got it. As I move through my first year I know what I want, but with each new discovery, what I want shifts and changes. I am constantly fascinated. I am elated to find out what will happen next.

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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