I am a HUGE advocate for engaging with coaches in your life. Having a coach will help you accomplish a number of things – most notably the experience will teaches you about yourself and your personality (invaluable awareness for functioning in the world!). The sessions take you to places, and ask questions, that you would never come to on your own. The process is brilliant as it takes you out of your own head. It gives you time to focus on you, and only you, without distractions. It pushes you – you WILL grow as you move through the experience, and you will connect in a new and interest way (to yourself and others) as you open your thoughts, and yourself, to new experiences and new ways of looking at familiar situations.

To date, I have worked with 2 coaches and I would recommend the experience to anyone who is thinking about change, or wanted to reach their full potential. There is ALWAYS something to learn and to improve upon, and working towards these goals, will make you feel accomplished and proud of yourself. I have 2 golden rules to share when it comes to searching for you perfect coach.

Rule #1 – find the right fit. When searching for a coach make sure you choose someone you feel comfortable opening up to. You will have to dig deep through your sessions as you have to reveal your personal thoughts, dreams, insecurities, values and personal ambitions with your coach (to make your sessions successful), therefore it is imperative that you are in a safe space. It may take a few coaches to get to the right one, but the search is worth it. You will know you have the right one as you will feel the synchronized energy. The conversation will flow and your coach will understand (a lot of head nodding and “oh ya” moments) and will be is interested in what you are saying. When this happens – it’s magic.

Rule #2 would be to search for a coach that has similar interests and, if possible, also had/has similar experiences. This similarly in career path, or understanding of the world, will ensure you get the most out of your sessions as you will have to explain less about your course of action or why you reacted in a certain way. There will be shared understanding which will allow you to fully be open with your thoughts and feelings.

I learned in my sessions that the entrepreneur life is definitely for me! I needed that security before I could take the leap, and before I could quit the corporate career I had build over 14 years. Once I worked through the reasons why I wanted to live the entrepreneur lifestyle, and why my personality was built to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment (versus a corporate one) – I was sure it was the right move for me.

As I build my business I continue to work with a coach today to learn more about my inner triggers and motivators, and the best tools I have available to push my business forward. I have learned that only 4% of the population is blessed ( ha…I say blessed!!) with my personality traits. 4%!!!! To be honest, that was not surprising at all. This was a relief to hear as finally I understand why I rarely fit in to organized groups. I also learned that I reject systems and authority and structure – this too I already knew about myself, but to read it in black and white is reassuring. I also realized conforming to structure is where I have to improve as following some systems/structures are necessary to succeeding in any situation. I am working hard on this part!

I am so excited to see what else comes our of my future sessions with my coaches. I also, to be honest, enjoy that I spend some time focusing solely on my goals and my thoughts – in this crazy world I rarely have a conversation focused on myself. Having dedicated time to reflect without distraction is a blessing.

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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