So, I am quickly realizing one of the biggest differences between being your own business, and working for someone else, is that you can’t quit. Let me back up – I mean, I’m finally doing what I love, so why would I want to quit?!? Very good point! What I mean is one day, the realization will set in that there is no one you can hand in your resignation too, and simple walk out the door if you feel like you want to. Your business will pass a point, one day, where you quitting would impact other businesses and projects. When you realize this for the first time …it can be quite shocking.

The more you grow, and the deeper you get into defining your own business, the more you realize that you are building something that is taking on a life of its own. It is the most exciting, and the scariest thing, you can imagine. And honestly, it is also a little hard to believe, that after all of your struggle – it is finally happening!

One day you realize the business has grown beyond your notebook, your dream, and your kitchen table. For me, this happened when I was 5 months into my entrepreneur adventure. Two things happened that changed my path once again – one of my clients increased the responsibilities I was given based on performance (my first recognition for job well done) AND a project bid was submitted with The Writing Suite as the principal writing partner (and this job landed by the way!). The Writing Suite is now a living breathing thing – that other people have access to. My dream has moved from the visualization stage, to the planning stage, to being a legit business existing amongst other businesses – well, hello!! This process was further solidified when I realized business partners were building my services into their future plans. FUTURE! Other businesses were bidding on business projects with The Writing Suite in mind. They were ready, and willing, to give TWS business based on projects they were hoping to land. Of course there is absolutely no guarantee that I will garner future business from any of these proposals, or that the parties, that were including me in their pitch, will actually hire me if they get the business. But, at least for a few moments, TWS was being considered to manage part of a FUTURE project – and when I learned that, I smiled.

When the leap happens from hustling constantly for business (well, to be honest the hustle and networking never really stops) to finding partners that are willing to work with you on an ongoing basis – this, my friends, is progress. And, the fun part about this is – a lot of the time it is not the partners you would necessarily have guessed. For me, the clients and partners I thought I would have the most contact with, and business from, are not turning out to be my main income generators at all. I am working with new partners, and forming new relationships, that are turning out to be solid and very important to the growth of my business.

Now that I am moving from a kitchen table writing shop – to a bidding/growing and expanding writing partner – I am having to learn a whole new set of skills – and I am navigating as I go along. These, of course, will be shared with you as well! I am trying to get comfortable in this space, and when I figure out what I need to know (ha….you are always somewhat catching up in your first year!!) I will share all of my adventures.

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.
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