Finding your voice can mean so many things
– especially to a writer. For the purpose of today, finding my voice is in reference to the type of work I am currently doing as an entrepreneur.

For me, the more I learn and experience, I change and morph my offering to the world. And, one might ask – when do you stop changing and begin to focus on one path? The answer is never! That is one of the things that drew me to entrepreneurship. You have endless opportunity to experiment and try new things – you are only limited by your imagination.

When I started on this path I had a specific idea of where my entrepreneur life would take me. However, shortly after my journey began, I realized what I originally set out to do wasn’t quite enough. I needed more. I needed something more to feel like I was giving back to the world around me AND making a difference in the world in some way.

When I worked in the corporate world I didn’t feel like my professional contributions were making a difference the way I wanted to make a difference. I was always seeking alternatives in my personal life to fill the gap. I co-founded a charity with a friend, I purchased real estate to provide safe and reasonable rentals for my tenants in Toronto, I constantly wrote and published about lifestyle and financial topics to educate and share my experiences, I trained and ran half marathons with several of my friends …these things kept me busy but not totally satisfied. I did all of these activities in search of something that would 100% fill me up. In the end, there was always sometime missing. No matter how many projects I became involved in I was always restless and looking for more.

When I became an entrepreneur it was my chance to make a difference in some small way, and I believe I am getting closer. I have an indescribable passion for language, the power of language and the power of positive thoughts and self talk for achieving a goal – any goal! I believe everyone deserves to live their dream – whatever that may be. I use my writing and language skills to educate, motivate and positively influence others to work towards achieving their personal goals – no matter how big or how small. Nothing makes me happier than removing limiting beliefs and seeing the look of pride on the face of someone who has decided to go for it!

I am now putting a lot of my focus on using the power of language to spread positive messages in the world. I’m still figuring out where exactly this path is going but I am definitely looking forward to the outcome. I will explore more on this topic in the coming months. YA!

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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