It has been a very long time since I have been the new kid in town, and I have to confess that I am loving the title! In the past, being new meant struggling with a new concept and trying to master it as quickly as possible to be able to apply as quickly as possible to my workday.

This time, I took a different approach.

As I began my journey as an entrepreneur I have been embraced my “new kid” status. I am immensely enjoying being at the beginning of this amazing journey. I have surrendered to the idea that I really do not know what is coming next. I do not know how to do much (as the majority of what I am now doing I am experiencing for the first time) and I have little to no established routines in my day or week.

Rather than focusing on the fact that the unknown is scary, I have been allowing myself the freedom to explore within the confines of the unknown. The newness allows you to eliminate the dreaded “should” from your vocabulary and let your interests guide you.

As I move through my days I don’t have a set agenda or schedule – definitely a new concept for me. I have been trying really hard to just, well, be in the moment and accept opportunities as they arise.

It is working wonders.

When you let yourself relax, REALLY relax into the moment, your whole world changes.

Embracing the new kid status has allowed me the freedom to not have all the answers, and more importantly, not have the expectation (with yourself or others) that I know it all. You can simply say, “I don’t know” and begin to investigate with a healthy dose of genuine curiosity and JOY. I have LOVED having this freedom and have completely surrendered to the process. As a result, I am on a new path that I didn’t even know existed 9 months ago.

I started out ghostwriting and am still enjoying that aspect of my business and all the learnings it offers me. I have also become involved in a project that will allow me to publish 2 chapters of my book in progress! YA! Allowing myself the freedom to explore lead me down a path to discovering a new way of thinking that will change my business and my life. This path is my interest in the NLP methods of learning and teaching. I am in the middle of my NLP certification and have fully embraced all of these paths that have opened up to me. I am growing and expanding my business in ways that I didn’t know were possible just a few short months ago. Letting go of control was (and sometimes still is) a very difficult concept for me but the more I surrendered to opportunity, the more gifts and new ideas were presented to me.

The lesson I learned at the beginning of this year was to give myself room to breathe AND the freedom to explore. This has been a treasured gift and one that I realize is quite a luxury to experience. Sometimes not having a goal for a short time is as effective as having a goal (who knew!?). Allowing myself time with no limits, no expectations, no measures of success and no destination has turned out to be one of the rarest most wonderful experiences of my life. At the start of my journey, there was no way to know where I would end up, and the mystery still continues!

I will forever be eternally grateful for the moments I have been able to experience as the new wide-eyed kid.

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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