As you stroll down the avenue of Entrepreneurship you will come across many opportunities and trying them all on, as I have discussed many times, is paramount in the first several months. The truth is, as you enter into this new relationship you don’t know what you don’t know and you certainly don’t know what you want – even if you think you do. You have to work hard to find out what it is that is your strength and what it is that will make you the happiest as you continue your journey into year 2.

The discovery of what you love will be amazing as it will start to make all the sacrifice worth it. For me, I finally feel like I have focus. I have discovered a great balance between what I love, what is working, the people I love to work with, the types of jobs I am fond of and where my focus will lie in the next phase. It is a daily juggling act, and there are always changes that come up, but my overall vision is finally starting to come into focus.

I have brought writing into my world in wonderful ways. I am publishing my own work and seeing the gift of writing brought forward to so many others with my Creative Writing Classes and Power of Language seminars that are set to being in 2018. This addition to my world has brought me so much joy! I love to imagine so many others experiencing the gift that writing, positive communication and self-discovery in their hearts and minds.

Writing, for me, is the opportunity to express in a way that is unique to any other form of expression. You have to be open enough to let your feelings out where they could be seen, felt and READ by others. That is a bravery to this art. Writing is something that is raw and real rather than interpreted. And, this form of expression is immensely satisfying to take part in.

After 11 months of following my heart, I have found focus in the fact that I just have to keep going and keep believing in my love of words and sharing my love of story and expression. I have found a very impressive and unique group of people that have been open and honest with me and that drive me to keep going. I am in love with the possibilities that have yet to unfold.

Finding focus is an ongoing process. As one thing become clear another creeps up that needs some attention. Thus is the circle of discovery and curiosity that is so necessary for expression.

Each day you know more than you did the previous day, you love more, you dream more, you long for more, you experience more ….each day gives you more to be curious about and that is a gift. Embrace it and use it and keep going. As an entrepreneur, holding a few nuggets close to your heart that will give you focus will get you through the dark moments, the moments that you want to give up, the moments where you feel you are losing faith – and these moments will visit like an unwanted houseguest from time to time – but the pull to find focus and keep chasing your dream is what will keep you going .

Never lose that lust for success.

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