This question often comes to mind – “How do you know when you’ve made it?”

I used to imagine what THAT moment would be like – when will I make it, what will that feel like, when will I be able to finally relax and let myself just sit back and say – yep, that’s it. I did it. There is nothing left to accomplish – good on me.

Hummm……as an entrepreneur, a writer and an admirer of all the mysteries of the world yet to be discovered, when will enough be enough? When will I hang my hat and say – that’s it, I made it. My guess is – never!

Doing so would suggest that the moment I’ve “made it” rests on one particular experience or incident. That is WAY too much pressure to put on myself. Also, it saddens me to think of having made it as a singular incident as giving one incident that much power would negate all of the other “moments” that have helped to get me where I wanted to be.

To be honest, this is such a satisfying conclusion to arrive at as it takes the pressure of that one big moment off my shoulders. It allows me to enjoy the entire journey and celebrate the small victories (or not so small – as any victory that moves you forward, or teaches you a lesson, is a GIANT victory in my books).

I have learned that I have, in essence, already made it. Sure, I’m not famous. I’m not a household name. I still have a mortgage and debt payments and I struggle to figure out how I will pay a bill on occasion, but here’s the thing – is having made it purely based on recognition and monetary gain? We are taught that it is the biggest part of the equation, however, I now chosen to believe it is not the ONLY part – far from it.

I believe I have ALREADY made it. Why? Well, I am one of the lucky ones – one of the few – that is chasing my dream. I am living a life that I designed in my head for so many years and worked SO HARD to put into place and now, day by day, it is becoming a reality before my very eyes. I am one of those lucky ones who wakes up everyday HAPPY to face the challenges that lay before me. I am excited to be able to write, to explore and to contribute to the success of my clients in some small way. I am so happy to have a handsome fiance to kiss good morning and to have a house that keeps me warm and dry – these are not things I take for granted for one second, as these too, I worked SO HARD to have as part of my life.

I often wonder what my response would be if someone asked me – when was the moment you knew you made it? As the days pass, the answer for me is becoming more and more clear. The moment, if there really has to be one, was when I DECIDED to GO FOR IT – and then every moment that came after that! It was the moment I decided my dreams were more important to me than any of the consequences that could happen as a result of taking the first steps and putting EVERYTHING I had into moving myself in the direction that I knew was right for me. That is when I made it – that was when I started living MY life.

I think we are confused when it comes to this question, and I was too for many years, but now I get it. I get it.

Until next time – decide, commit and action your dreams to love your life.

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