What is security?

You probably have a quick answer but what is it really?

Security is a false sense of a constant state that you may believe would never change. Well, that is a nice theory BUT change is inevitable and it is something that, once you accept, really OPENS you life to enormous FREEDOM.

Once you are no longer afraid of “rocking the boat” so to speak, for you know that no matter how hard to you try to keep it steady, it still rocks and moves and spins in uncontrollable directions. Once you accept this, you allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes, to try things out and to, most importantly, follow your dreams.

Dreams are simply ambitions that seem so far out of your range that you can’t even fathom them coming true. Part of the reason for this is because of your fear or the unknown, fear of change, fear of the incredible and ever frightening “what if’s” that cram themselves into your brain and eat away at your confidence. Don’t get me wrong, these thoughts and ideas are almost always present and something you have to work a lifetime to ignore and push out of your way, but once you do they no longer control you.

Letting go of the fact that you are secure allows you to be fearless in your choices and move faster towards your dreams. You will change from believing your life’s ambitions are a distant untouchable idea to a reality that you can live and breathe every day.

Starting my own business lead me to not be afraid of losing a job. I gave up my “security” (which of course is no security at all) to follow a very unknown, very risky path of writing. Untethering myself from the idea of job security gave me the freedom to stand up for myself and to go after what I wanted, IN THE NOW, because I was no longer afraid of losing it all and rebuilding from an unknown starting point all over again. I knew somehow I would make it – I would always find my way.

I CHOSE to follow an unknown path for the mere act of trying is far superior to simply wishing. If I failed, I still won. There was no failing, there was just learning and redirecting my energy to something that I strongly believed in. I’m strong enough to follow my own path, regardless of how outside the norm it is, and I believe I am more respected for standing up for what I believe to be true. Am I popular? No. Am I understood? No. Am I imitated? Yes. Following your bliss may be outside of the world that most others live in, and therefore you may find yourself on the outside, but the freedom you will feel by being yourself is far superior to any other feeling that you could have from following.

Freedom is a rare and precious gift. I thank my guiding stars I was brave enough to go after it and really live.

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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