Creativity is fluid. It changes with moods, ideas, settings, and most certainly with seasons.

As the cold weather moves in, our goals and ideas shift. There is something so predictable about how the spring and fall spark our ambitious side and how the summer and deep freeze of winter allow our brains to embrace being carefree. Our customers also experience this same shift; therefore, to be successful when communicating with your clients, it is wise to recognize this fluctuation and prepare for it.

Clients seek solutions. Clients seek businesses with products or services that provide comfort, trust, and solutions to their challenges or pain points. When a business can communicate their value correctly, they attract clients who embrace their offering.

Communicating your message can be tricky. It can be challenging to convey your passion for what you do. Passion is something you feel so finding the language to accurately describe that feeling is a reach for many business owners. Unfortunately, if you can’t communicate your love for your product or service, you generally can’t profit from it. Many entrepreneurs and business owners make the mistake of communicating the mechanics of what they do rather than what excites them about what they do. How you talk about your product is how people value your product. You want clients and potential clients to see the utility value but also the personal value – joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Making a solid connection with your customers through carefully crafted messaging will allow the value to shine through. Voila; this is where the connection happens and how passion is conveyed.

Where Business owners fail. Most business owners have been through marketing classes of some sort, where they have learned the fundamental principals and practices. Crafting the perfect message requires the right amount of practical application and expression of passion. This is often where businesses fall short. Messages lean too heavily on the practical application and neglect to communicate values, solutions, lifestyle or results. When clients fail to feel passion and creativity, they go elsewhere.

Crafting the perfect message is about tapping into the human experience that will result, shift, or disappear due to your product or service. Language is brilliant when used correctly. When it is misused, it can have be a detriment. That perfect combination takes time to develop but once you do, there is no stopping you!

The Writing Suite is a white glove content provider for B2B businesses. We specialize in understanding your brand and the benefits of your product or service and write content to create an emotional connection with your ideal clients. We create strong, robust content that gets people talking! We would love to speak with you about your message and work with you to discover the words to describe it.