Everybody has a story. What’s yours?

Writing a brilliant blog is about sharing your story with the world. It is a vehicle that allows you to be playful, informative, and show your clients your personality.

Writing a consistent blog allows your clients to engage with you regularly. If you are just getting started, or are looking for ways to spice up your writing, follow these helpful tips:


1. Grant yourself the freedom to explore your subject in new ways
2. Be creative with how you present it your information
3. Avoid lecturing your readers. Blogging is meant to be a fun activity!
4. Start with 1 or 2 blogs a month to avoid getting overwhelmed
5. Post your blogs on the same days each month – create a pattern for the reader
6. Your blog is an outlet to express your passion for what you do


By incorporating these five sections, you are well on your way to creating a blog that will stand out:

1. Catchy title – 55% of readers don’t go beyond the title! Make it count.
2. Opening Sentence – grab your readers by explaining what it is they will learn
3. Body – engage your audience with well-written content, story, bullet points, + add links
4. Compelling Feature Image – design branded images that represent who you are AND correspond to the blog content
5. Call to Action – finish your blog with a brilliant call to action or offer

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