As we navigate the next few weeks, I will share writing exercises that offer a plethora of mental health benefits.

Let’s talk, Journaling!

Journaling allows you to process and analyze your issues and concerns.  WHY?  It is a free flow of your ideas, your thoughts, and your worries.  As you practice journaling, you will begin to feel reflective, introspective, and you will start to familiarize yourself with your thoughts.

Journaling is developing a relationship with your mind.

How does it help with anxiety and depression?

It is a window into your inner thoughts.  Once you begin to “hear” your thoughts and you see the patters that may develop over a few days or a week, you can identify what triggers certain emotions, and the hope is, you will begin to discover things about yourself that you didn’t know were inside you!   Words don’t lie – let your words flow freely, and you may be surprised at what comes out.

Journaling Recommended:

  • 20 mins of journaling a day
  • Find a private place where you can write uncensored
  • Use a pen, pencil, crayon, market – whatever makes you feel creative
  • Write in pink, green, purple – experiment with color as it will encourage creativity

Blog Bootcamp Advice (until we can resume Blog Bootcamp!):

My advice, blog from the heart. People need to hear people right now. We need to share our hearts with the world as we heal from this disease.   You may take a departure from your regular blogs to share stories, positive messages, heartfelt moments, and frustrations.  If you share a grievance, I encourage you to end with a solution.  There is frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty in our everyday lives, however, be productive with your grievances by ending on a positive note.  Let’s unite in love as much as possible – use your blogs to share your love and appreciation toward each other and for your patience.  Speak kindly – the worlds needs it.

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