I’m very happy to report, that in my 3 short months of being in this new world, I have met the MOST fascinating entrepreneurs.

They are just people, regular people like you and me, BUT they possess this need to make the world a better place.  It is such a power within that they risk everything – security, housing, family life, vacation time, lunch and even bathroom breaks to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  No matter where they are in their journey, or how they measure success, their ability to sculpt their own lives, and stay true to the hearts, is insanely inspiring.   

The infectious drive and ambition is actually overwhelming when you first encounter it.  It is impossible to be in the presence of a budding entrepreneur and not be inspired by their relentless energy – it is a form of beauty that I have never seen, or felt, before.  You can actually FEEL what BEAUTY feels like when you are in a room full of entrepreneurs.  This experience alone has made my journey worth it. 

That brings me to Fear. 

The lesson I needed to learn and understand (before I could walk away from a company that I had been loyal to for many years) was that failure is NOT final.  Failure is merely a re-direct to something else – something better.  I had to let go of the fear that failure would drag me down permanently.  I had to stop listening to everyone else and listen to myself.  I trusted my confidence in my abilities and also granted myself permission to TRY.  Failure was not something to fear it was just something that happened.  Once I realized and really believed that failure was not to be feared – I was free.

The decision was made.  I was going to open my own business (yikes – whatever that means!).  Over the next few days I created a 10 week countdown calendar that would symbolize the end of my current 13.5 year career and a 10 week countup calendar to symbolize the start of my new life (again, whatever that means!).   I pasted the calendars on my bathroom mirror and lived out the next few weeks saying GOODBYE to one and a big HELLO to the other.   

I hope to see you back here again for my frequent posts explaining the wild jungle of inspiration, defeat, anxiety and pure elation (a healthy dose of each!).

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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