Going through this journey will take lots (and I do mean lots) of turns, and many unexpected discoveries will surprise you. The reason is, for the first time, your mind will have the opportunity to wander and to LIVE in your passion. When you can spend many hours living in a world that is exactly what you love – magic happens.

Slowly, I began to feel connected. This is hard to explain, but I was connected to the world as part of a contributor rather than existing in it. I wasn’t just going through the motions of my life but I am finally living the moment and choosing my path according to what has flow and rhythm for me. As Martha Beck would say, “I am on my Wayfinder” path. I actually feel harmonious -and the effects of this are tremendous.

The need to please totally disappears but you discover in yourself that you are much more valuable focusing on what YOU love rather than trying to please someone in what THEY love. Huge difference!

When I realized that I was feeling part of the cycle – totally unexpected feeling as I thought I was part of a cycle before – but not like this. I was in my office writing and a spider came across my desk. I must explain that I HATE spiders. I am terrified and I would normally not even stay in the same room as such a creature….but this time, I didn’t panic. I didn’t run out of the room. I didn’t scream or grab of the heaviest object I could find to squish it. I captured it in a box and took it outside.


Yes, this actually happened, and this is HUGE for me. Even as I was doing the act I was amazed at myself and how calm my body was. I was not thrilled BUT I felt compelled to do it as I felt connected to it, and to everything around me. I have yet to figure out where this is all going and how the connections to the world (that I feel so in harmony with right now) will change me, or evolve.

All I know is this was a hugely pivotal moment in my writing career, and my life. I am no longer fighting to fit in, but following my natural rhythm. This has opened up a whole new world that embraces me as one of their own, and that is something I did not anticipate happening. Entrepreneurship, in some ways, will blow your mind.

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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