People always ask me how I knew what path to follow. My answer is consistent – to me writing is like breathing. If I can’t write and inspire then, well, then, what else is there?

For me, there was only ever one path. As odd as this seems – when I was younger I used to imagine the worst part of going to prison (why I thought about prison I’m still not entirely sure!) would be the fact that I wouldn’t be able to write in my journal every night or be free to share my thoughts and inspirations. THAT was the worst part of prison? To me, it was. That is how deep my passion runs inside my veins.

Even though I have recently rearranged my path to be able to write with conviction every day -there are still doubts. I waver on occasion thinking I should get a job that pays more, and is easier, and something that I can leave behind, and actually shut off. I think about it, however the problem is that the universe strongly disagrees. And, I do mean strongly! Everything in me tells me to stay on this path and keep moving forward. I am finally listening to the universe and moving with the waves that come over me rather than pushing against them in pursuit of a “safe” path.

My pursuit of something safe in the old days would result in a jolt of “I need to work harder” if someone in my circle was moving up in the world. I would be happy for them but I would wonder what I needed to do to get ahead as they did. What did I have to do to succeed? When will enough be enough? The answer to that question seemed like it was a lifetime away as nothing I ever did filled the void. I struggled to discover how to live with a yearning I could never quite quiet.

As I travel my path I am eternally grateful to know that I am finally on MY path and as slow or as fast as it goes – it doesn’t matter. I am on it and that is all that matters. The fact that I have found it and that I move one foot in front of the other every day to move myself closer to it, is enough. It is more than enough. It is perfection.

I knew my path was solid when recently I had a call from a friend who was about to embark on an exciting opportunity that would afford riches and travel and all the things I used to seek. I’m confident that I should be no where else as I didn’t even flinch when hearing this news. I was overjoyed for the journey my friend may embark on, and all the success it will bring to her, and I do not wish to move myself in any other direction, not even for one second. I wouldn’t change my place for money or status or anything that would bring me away from my journey. Being honest, this is the first time I can truly let another’s success be their own and not have a stir in my own mind, wondering how I can elevate my game. My thoughts were quiet, content and happy. I wasn’t looking for reassurance that I was on the right path, but if I was, I got it.

This is when you know you are where you are supposed to be. You are not distracted by others ambitions or success. You are happily moving towards your own goals and genuinely thrilled for others who are moving towards there own. No sense of comparison or competition. This is being where you need to be.

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Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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