I went to see the celebrated “Badass” author Jen Sincero speak, and she kept repeating “act as if”. I liked this mantra immediately but it took me a minute, more like 2 weeks, for this practice to really be absorbed and put into play.

Jen S. was getting at the fact that you have to be one step ahead of yourself in business (and perhaps in goal setting in general) – which is a hard concept to wrap your head around. I started to think of this idea and how it would apply to my business. I imagined myself 6 months or 1 year in the future and how successful I would be (keep in mind I was still caught up in seminar woot-woot mentality). I had to begin to plan accordingly.

These ideas translated into spending money I didn’t have to create a structure that was bigger than what I currently needed to support the business I have – act as if (I already have it).

Armed with my new found enthusiasm that comes with attending networking and pump-you-up events I began to act as if. I increased my computer support systems to the “executive” packages to be ready for the clients I will have – act as if (I already have them). I hired 2 freelancers to do various tasks for me as they were taking up a lot of my time. I was now free to take on all of the new writing jobs that were going to come my way – act as if (I already doubled my writing jobs).

Ok, I’m ready.

Meanwhile, back in Reality-ville, the very next day a client I had worked with for 2 years called to cancel their service. Immediately. As this was one of my first clients I did not have a contract with them (lesson learned for future!) so I lost the revenue immediately. Gulp. Now, not only did I have to get new clients to fill the “as if” gap, I had to replace old clients. Harsh but important lesson. Please learn from my missteps.

Before getting carried away acting “as if” I recommend a pulse check on your current business. This, of course, I learned the hard way. I incurred expenses assuming I would continue as if AND increase business. Right. Curve ball #1000 of Entrepreneurship. Just when you think you got it, the universe presents its sense of humour: Universe 1; The Writing Suite 0.

I do agree with the “Badass” queen in theory. At some stage of your business, you have to grow BEFORE you have the funds or revenue to support the growth. If your business doesn’t grow, it dies. You have to stay one step ahead to be prepared to accept new business when it comes along. When and how is up to each entrepreneur and their comfort levels regarding business growth. Pushing yourself keeps you on the edge of your comfort zone and helps you believe you deserve more and bigger business deals. That confidence will help you successfully grow.

Hustle, girl! The hustle is real!

Until next time – dream, experience and love your life.

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